English - American and British Style with Jacky!

"Practical English Usage"

This course is intended mainly for learners of English as a foreign or second language.



How will the students learn effectively?

Many learners of English suffer from a lack of confidence because they’re too worried about making grammatical mistakes in speech and writing. In this course, students will be taught grammar (+common mistakes made by Malaysian learners), vocabulary, and speaking. My ultimate goal is to teach the students English as if it were their native tongue. As a matter of fact, before anyone learns to write, they learn to listen and speak first. Therefore, repetition is an essential part of the course – students will hear words or rather expressions many times till they’re familiar with the sound of the language. There’ll be role-plays galore! Role-play allows students to practice language in a safe and comfortable environment. Please peruse the excel file for topics that I’ve designed. PLEASE note that this is not a comprehensive lesson plan.

NOTE: More topics can be added according to the students’ needs/requirements. This course aims to help students communicate effectively both at work and in their everyday lives.


Course                  : Practical English Usage

Target group       : Students learning English as a second or foreign language

Objective             : To develop a higher level of proficiency in English of learners


  Kuasailah Perbualan dan sebutan Bahasa Inggeris secara American atau British disamping membetulkan grammar anda!
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  • Pakej ini memerlukan anda berkomunikasi sepenuhnya 100% dalam bahasa inggeris
  • Penerangan dalam Bahasa Melayu TIDAK diberi.
  • Sila mulakan dengan memilih Pakej Basic dulu jika English anda memang tidak elok.

 Pilihan anda:

Jadual anda dipilih selepas pendaftaran anda disahkan

Yuran anda:

1) OneOnOne VIP Yuran cuma RM250 untuk 4 sessi satu bulan
(berjumlah 4 jam sebulan).

2) Group: cuma RM200 - 1.5 jam seminggu (satu sessi) 4x sebulan
(berjumlah 6 jam sebulan).





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