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An Intensive & Most Effective
English At Work "ONLINE" COURSE


Those who are good in communication will stand a better chance in the marketplace.

Just imagine how tough it is to get your business or career to the next level, if you don’t even know how to put a quality sentence together.  And that is why it is so important to learn Business English.

FACT: Communication is the most valuable skill to learn in the business world. Why?


...Because, without communication, there can be NO ….

❌ Interviews

❌ Socializing

❌ Hiring

❌ Meeting

❌ Negotiation

❌ Promotion

❌ Marketing

❌ Advertising

❌ E-commerce

❌ Social Media Marketing

❌ Digital Marketing

❌ Copywriting

❌ Online Business

❌ Chance of Going Global

❌ Expansion of ANY business whatsoever!

Those who are good in communication will stand a better chance in the marketplace.

Just imagine how tough it is to get your business or career to the next level, if you don’t even know how to put a quality sentence together.  And that is why it is so important to learn Business English.

Once you learn this 14-hour Business English course, you will be able to confidently:

✅ socializing in company events

✅ make effective & meaningful business presentations

✅ use the right language in negotiations

✅ making your point across in business meetings

✅ use professional vocabulary in formal business

✅ write effective words & phrases in different types of business correspondence, such as memos, emails, and business letters

✅ placing yourself as a respectable employee or employer in the workplace

✅ participate in business topics

✅ following and understanding of lectures, talks and interviews on business topics delivered by industry leaders

 ✅ And most importantly, expand your business & career globally!

(Disclaimer: Results may vary, depending on the student’s own effort)


This fundamental skill alone has allowed me to stay in my career for more than a decade, as well as my ability to interact with native English speakers around the world (US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand)

We are now living in a borderless world. Time to get out of your own comfort zone and don’t be left behind!

Don’t be part of the problem.

Be a part of the solution.


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All classes will be conducted online.


"English At Work"

 By: Muhamad Azmy


 In this course, I will coach you on using professional English, not just plain English.

Course Content


    1. Meeting & Greeting
    2. Engaging conversation and prompting
    3. Conversational techniques


  1. telephone skills,
  2. e- mail skills,
  3. text messaging,
  4. making and changing appointments,
  5. writing presentations






  1. Discussing Plans
  2. Strengths and Weaknesses
  3. Staff
  4. Organization and Structure
  5. Development
  6. Market Position and Competition







(Note: Course Outline is subject to change)


Course Duration

This 16 hours class will be completed within 8 weekends (every Saturday):

Course Fee - Monthly

RM300 per month (2 hours every Saturday)

for 2 months

PLUS additional 3rd month 8 hrs special class

Full Course:

RM 900 (normal fee)

RM 800 (special offer)

Full Course: RM 750 only

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English At Work

By: Azmy Mohamad M.

In the working world, businesses need to maintain contact with each other. Hence, it is unavoidable that we sometimes need to connect with people around us. Be it in a networking event, a meeting or even within the cubicles in the office, we somehow will have to communicate either with our superiors, colleagues or customers.

And here I offer you the 5 ‘Stars’ of Connecting in Business English!

1. Know 'What Are You'? (Workplace Personality)

  • Are you the charismatic (charming, friendly) team leader everyone looks up to?
  • Or the quiet thinker who everyone knows they can count on?
  • Or maybe you are a forward-facing frontline position, where you’ll need to attract the attention and trust of clients?

Regardless of who or what you are, you want to be seen as a friendly person with leadership potential. You can try to memorize some positive English phrases, and then make it a point to compliment one of your colleagues on their work every day.

A simple sentence such as "Hi, my name is ____ from the IT department, how can I help you?" can really go a long way.

Or, if you want to improve your social interactions with clients, try to visit one professional networking event per month. Practice introducing yourself and your company - in English.

2. The Stuff (Things to Talk About)

Unless you are a natural-born social butterfly, the reality is that it takes skill and practice to be a great conversationalist. Preparation is key.

Have a few anecdotes (brief stories) in mind as conversation starters. Examples such as things that happened at work, successes or failures with recent projects, background information about yourself, etc.

Share the latest business news and current affairs and talk about them in an open-ended way. In this way, you might be seen as a well-informed, knowledgeable and approachable person.

3. “How Can I Help You?”

As mentioned in point no.1, the above question is a great way to start socializing in a productive way.

Be alert and observant of opportunities to help your colleagues.

Example: I noticed you were having trouble with [issue]. Can I help out somehow?”

Other than that, try to volunteer for campaigns. When there’s a group discussion about something, be the person who comes up with solutions.

4. Get Smart

  • Good questions bring energy to social situations.
  • Remember to keep your questions clear and concise.
  • Do some background research before a social setting at a conference or industry event. Think about what topics will be discussed and what questions will add value to your conversations.
  • Don’t interrupt anyone. When it’s your turn to speak, be straightforward and positive.
  • Ask “What” or “How” questions.
  • For example: “What’s your view about …..” or “How can this issue be …..”

5. Establishing Network Connection

Maintain contact with other professionals, even if you won’t necessarily be doing work together.

The objective is to get ongoing business English conversation practice.


· “This has been a very interesting conversation. If it’s okay with you, I’d like to keep in touch.”

· “It was great meeting you. If you ever need help regarding [your business], feel free to contact me.”

Make sure your language is polite and formal.

After reading all the points above, now let's develop some action plans:

  • Ask yourself: “How far I want to go in my career?”
  • Talk to 1 person (in English) per day. Ignore what others might think of you.
  • Don’t worry about mistakes. It's part of learning.
  • When you realise a mistake, learn from them and grow intellectually.
  • Speak up more in the office.
  • Go to networking events.
  • Set small goals and reward yourself
  • Keep improving until business English will be second nature to you.

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