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The primary purpose of the MUET Speaking test is to assess the ability of test takers to give an oral presentation of ideas individually, and to interact in small groups in both more formal and less formal academic contexts.

Subject/topic knowledge: The test progresses from familiar topics within the test takers’ personal experience to more abstract topics in a range of fields and interest areas that may be encountered in late secondary/early tertiary education contexts. Possible areas include but are not limited to people and culture, financial awareness and consumerism, science and technology, health and environment, and education. In the case of the more abstract topics, the test is limited to covering familiar and unfamiliar topics in different academic areas that a non-specialist would be able to talk about.

Background/cultural knowledge: The test tasks are intended to be accessible to test takers, so that they will be able to draw on their knowledge or understanding of real world settings to respond to them.

Linguistic knowledge:
This refers to language as a system which includes the following:
• Accuracy: Using grammatically correct language; using correct pronunciation, stress and intonation
• Range: Using varied sentence structures
• Fluency: Speaking with confidence and without unnecessary/undue hesitation
It also includes the pragmatic and sociolinguistic aspects of language use. The former refers to the functional use of language and knowledge of discourse, cohesion and coherence, and text types.
The latter is concerned with the knowledge of sociocultural rules of language use which includes using language appropriate for the intended purpose and audience, using varied vocabulary and expressions, and observing conventions appropriate to a specific situation.

Contoh soalan MUET Speaking 2021 (Format Baru)




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